Kids Need Self-Care, Too

By Tiffany Rucker

Children are often left out of the self-care conversation. It’s important to remember that the little people in our lives have the exact same feelings that we do. And children can experience stress and burnout, too—particularly in these trying times.

As a mom, I have learned that my children are right there with me every day, taking on our daily routine of waking up early and arriving home late. The difference is that I have implemented coping strategies that they have yet to learn.

Our kids don’t often have the communication skills necessary to say that they need a break; they generally display their frustrations with actions. Here are a few pretty clear indicators that your child may need a little self-care:

  • Irritability
  • Inconsolable crying
  • Dissatisfaction with anything offered 
  • Biting
  • Hitting
  • Teeth grinding

And here are two quick ways you can help your child develop a self-care routine:

  • Free-form physical activity: Sometimes, just allowing kids to be kids is the best thing to help them relax from the stress of the everyday hustle and bustle we impose upon them. Forget about keeping their clothes clean, and just allow them to run, jump, skip or hop around–indoors or outside.
  • Quiet time and space: Create a quiet space for your child at home to be alone and relax. Teach them it’s okay to be alone sometimes. Giving your child this space and time to recharge can also teach them to enjoy their own company.

Tiffany Rucker is a wife, mom, financial planner, business coach and special needs advocate in Tampa, FL.

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