The Power of Human Connection

by Jackie Sue Griffin

This month HERStory celebrates its one-year anniversary. HERStory’s mission is dedicated to empowering women to share their stories while networking and uplifting one another. We are achieving that mission here on our website, where we share stories, and through our empowered tribe of HERStory Facebook group members, now 803 members strong!

From one woman to another woman, it’s been an amazing year for human connection. Our shared stories and transformational pathways have deeply connected us.

I thank you for your vulnerability and your willingness to be seen without filters.

We are teachers, preachers, researchers, business owners, CEOs/Executive Directors, evaluators, trainers, educators, doctors, therapists, social workers, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, advocates, activists, certified public accountants, lawyers, recovery coaches, counselors, etc. We are whoever we want to be. We are unstoppable. Join us!

There are many ways to become part of the HERStory movement: share your personal story as a guest blogger, build your brand (ask us how), join our private Facebook group, follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We’d love to have you!  

Let’s reflect on these teachable moments during the year and the life lessons shared from our Sheroes:

Thank you for taking this journey alongside us! We look forward to what the second year of HERStory brings!

For more HERStory information, check out our Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page and subscribe to our newsletter below.

We want to hear your story. Your story is my story. Help us empower other women by sharing your story.

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