One Less Light

A few weeks ago, the world dimmed a bit, became a bit more grey.

We lost a lovely woman, a woman of faith and passion and love. A radiant spirit with an infinite passion to serve others.

We’d love to tell you HERStory….

Lola Ann Blevins led an amazing life in 67 years—a full, impactful life. Lola was a mother and friend. A grandmother and teacher. An advocate and author. And so much more.  

She built and nurtured a family including her two children and a grandson. And then she opened her arms even wider and built and nurtured an extended family as a teacher, a domestic violence advocate, and a licensed pastor.

Lola’s circle of influence and inspiration grew larger when she wrote “Mighty Woman of God,” a faith-based, self -help book that focuses on restoration and recovery. From the book she developed a two-day workshop that she conducted in women’s prisons throughout the United States.

Lola first battled breast cancer in 2010-2011, but she wouldn’t let that stop her. She continued to learn and grow, to give and inspire.

She trained urban ministry volunteers in New York and Washington, D.C. and helped to build a community center in Central Mexico. She served as the Children’s Pastor at Abundant Life Ministries and was the substitute teacher of the year at Skycrest Elementary. Lola was one of the only officially certified domestic violence advocates and served as Executive Director of The Haven of RCS Pinellas.

Lola met people during some of their darkest days, and she was the reason many people could continue to believe in the goodness of others.

She passed recently, from cancer. Friends, family, colleagues, clients and students gathered to celebrate Lola’s life and her impact, sharing stories of kindness and compassion, inspiration and hope.

Perhaps, then, her light isn’t gone from the world. Perhaps it’s just been passed along, a little glimmer in each of us, to be shared with others.

We want to hear your story. Your story is my story. Help us empower other women by sharing your story.

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