Motherhood: the Moment that Changed My Life


Becoming a mother is one of the most critical moments in a woman’s life as everything shifts around the birth of her children.

This month we are reflecting on motherhood and how it plays a role in the lives of many women.

We had the opportunity to discuss this topic with Jennifer Vickery, CEO and President of National Strategies Public Relations and how the experience of becoming a mom has changed her life forever.

“Becoming a mother has undoubtedly been the most important, pivotal and positive change I’ve had in my entire life. I waited a long time before making the decision to have children as I knew it came with tremendous responsibility,” Vickery said. “Now, being a mother of a beautiful two-year-old boy and being eight months pregnant with a baby girl, I can truly say I’m a changed person from the deep core of my soul. These children have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’ve learned an even truer meaning of love and selflessness.”

Many joys and challenges come with the title of mother including sleepless nights and unconditional love. Jennifer is a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, consciously parenting mother who pursues motherhood based on instinct.

She describes her favorite thing about being a mother as being best friends with her adorable two-year-old.

“We have little inside jokes and even our own handshake. We get each other and truly make each other laugh,” Vickery said.

When asked to describe her most significant challenge as one that many women can relate to, being a working mother.

“There’s been a movement, probably starting from the 1920s, where women became more empowered and able to contribute to their own desires in strong ways,” she says. “My body and soul tell me to be with my children but yet I still have the desire to be an unstoppable working woman. I feel I can do both.”

Since the dawn of time society has told women that their place is in the household. As women began stepping out of the house and joining the workforce, they were simultaneously conflicted for taking pride in bringing home the bread.

Vickery had the internal struggle that many women face; balance.

“Balance can be very tough, but things must get done on both ends,” she says. “When my son was first born, I used a stand-up desk and wore him in a baby carrier so that I was able to get so much work done and he was able to be in his favorite place: on my chest, hearing my voice and heartbeat.”

She carefully and purposefully creates an environment where she can conquer and thrive in each, motherhood and work. It takes consideration and planning as well as flexibility, but she considers her role as ‘Mama’ to be of utmost importance while being able to thrive in her career. That might mean making adjustments, knowing how to plan for deadlines and doing things a bit unconventionally to make it all work.

HERStory aims to speak truth to the daily lives of everyday women and help to empower others through the experiences of their inspirational individuals such as Jennifer.

We want to hear your story. Your story is my story. Help us empower other women by sharing your story.

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