Spring Ahead with Joyce Bracey

Joyce Bracey,
M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Executive Director of CADA Prevention & Recovery Center

The air seems a little lighter, and the scents start to get sweeter, which indicates Spring is in full bloom. This season is full of physical, spiritual and mental transformations. 

HERStory uplifts and highlights inspiring women who are making a change in their communities and daily lives.

We had the opportunity to speak with Joyce Bracey, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Executive Director of CADA Prevention & Recovery Center, to discuss the impact of Spring.

Bracey describes this season as “A fresh start with all kinds of fun! It’s a time to be outside and play in the sun with friends…usually in New Orleans with live music and my feet in the grass.”

Spring brings about many underlying themes such as life transformations, and she has connected herself with the idea of waking up or coming out. Bracey states “It was a long and cold winter, even down south, I’m ready to be in the light of day and start fresh in a new direction.”

While the flowers and leaves are changing and growing, many people see that same opportunity is presented in their own lives during this season.

“Spring is a natural evolution in the environment that makes it easy to change my routine, to start something new, or to resume old habits that used to work for me,” said Bracey.

The tradition of cleaning out things that no longer serve it’s purpose anymore can is often used as inspiration when eliminating physical, emotional and mental baggage in your life.

Opening the door to healing, Bracey optimistically shared “Today is the first day of Spring, and it is significant to me because I just left a relationship that taught me so much, but was quite painful at times. I have some healing to do from it. Spring makes me feel hopeful and energized around that healing.”

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